Friday, October 2, 2015

October chill is in the air!

The chill of October is in the air.  Cooler mornings, brisk wind and yellow swirling leaves are telling me that Autumn is really here.  I still want the warmer days but they are now just a sweet memory.  Autumn is a beautiful season.  I eagerly await the changing colors of the leaves.  I love seeing pumpkins, beautiful mums and flying geese honking in the sky.  I am painting my annual autumn watercolor.  I also finished my October Adirondack painting featuring a jack 'o lantern quilt! 
  In less then 2 weeks I will be in Ocean City, New Jersey for a show.  While there I will enjoy seeing the beautiful ocean and walking the boardwalk!  Stopping for my once a year goodies of pumpkin fudge, pumpkin ice cream and the famous boardwalk pizza!
  I now have a Diane Phalen Watercolors facebook page.  I hope you will enjoy it at
Happy Autumn!!!

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