Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer....still kickin'

Summer is still here in Pennsylvania!  It has been a beautiful one!  Today is Labor Day and the temperature is 90 degrees.  I have loved the wonderful warm summer! I hope you have too! 
  I unfortunately, hurt my arm and shoulder at one of my shows from all the lifting I do.  It happened at the Kutztown Folk Festival in July.  I am just now getting feeling back in my arm and hand.  It was a long healing process.  I was in constant pain.  My therapy besides exercising my arm was  long summer walks through the woods behind my house.  Seeing my birds, deer, foxes made my walk enjoyable.  There is a river behind my house and cooling off there every day was the very best! 
  I did not attend any shows the month of August.  My September shows start next week.  I am doing only a select number of shows this year,  My wonderful neighbor and friend, Sue has been helping me get my social media going!  I am learning a new computer so I can soon post pictures and have a business  facebook page too!  If you wish to be included on my mailings please let me know.
  Have a wonderful rest of Summer!  Please check out my web site at and email at

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