Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where has the Summer gone??!!

I can not believe that it is almost September. The summer has flown by with shows and hot, humid days. I am so looking forward to Autumn with cooler days and nights and the arrival of the beautiful fall colors. It is my favorite time to create and paint. I already have been busy with sketches for new paintings. I have a few weeks between shows and am so happy to be back in my studio once again!
I continue to miss my Dad and can not believe that 3 months have gone by since his passing. Memories of summers we spent as a family on camping trips, and adventures come to mind often. Missing him is part of my every day. I am blessed to have my Mom and we are together often, she is an inspiration to me. She still finds the time to cook and bake and I am often given dinners and goodies to take home. I hardly find the time to cook any more. I miss it as I loved preparing meals and experimenting with new recipes.
I still am having trouble posting photos to my blog. I need time to figure it all out. I hope everyone is enjoying summer and looking forward to the new season and new projects! Happy Summer!!! Love, Diane

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