Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today Dad would have been 90!!

Today my Dad would have been 90 years old! He was born September 6, 1922. I miss all the Birthday celebrations we had through the years. His Birthday often was the same day as Labor Day...he liked that! The official end of summer! He loved having fireworks on his Birthday. This year Labor Day was early. I thought of him as I often do while viewing the fireworks from my front yard. The amusement park by my home has fireworks on all the holidays. I love watching the sky light up...would love to do a painting of the awesome colors!! Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad, as I celebrate the day you were born!

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Anita said...

Hi Diane,

Happy Birthday to your Dad. If my Dad had lived longer he would be turning 104 on Sunday. Have a good day and I'll look forward to seeing your painting of the Labor Day Fireworks.