Friday, March 23, 2012

Home from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

I had a great time in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! It was great to see all of you at"A Mountain Quiltfest 2012". I enjoyed the show and enjoyed the town of Pigeon Forge at night. My hotel overlooked a river so after all day of talking I would spend hours on my little balcony and watch the river go by. Watching water sure is peaceful! I spent some time too looking at cowboy boots and hats in the many stores downtown.
After the show ended I went to Kentucky to see my sister Linda and brother-in-law Ray. They live on 96 beautiful acres. They have a goat farm and while I was there baby goats were being born!! We had an awesome thunderstorm one night and wonderful warm temps of 85 degrees!! Ray cooked wonderful meals every day and it was the perfect rest after a week of showing my art.
Today I set up my next show in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Spring is bursting with color. Daffodils,hyacinths, crocus, and even a few tulips are signs that welcome warm days are ahead!

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