Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Birthday!!!

I can not believe another Birthday is here! I woke to a gorgeous sunrise and a beautiful day. Took my usual walk to my bird feeder to feed my friends! They come in droves, juncos, woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, wrens, bluejays and 50 huge crows along with countless squirrels. They make so much noise I have to occassionally knock on the window and tell them to quiet down!! I spent most of my special day with my Mom. We went out for a pizza and quickly went back home to get out of the cold!! I spend a lot of time talking with my Mom so today was a usual day for me... but still very special because I enjoy her company so very much.
The day is going by so quickly. I am so grateful for all the Birthday wishes from friends and family. Grateful for another year of life, grateful to the wonderful parents who gave it to me through their love together. I wish the day would not have gone by so quickly!!


Anita said...

Congratulations Diane on your birthday. How lucky you are to be able to celebrate it with your Mom. May you have many more.

Jeanne said...

Happy, Happy, Diane ~ With each passing B-Day, we women get wiser. Lucky you, to have your mom so close... treasure every moment with her.