Thursday, August 2, 2018

Welcome August!

The month of August is here.  I just finished my Summer shows and will not have a show until October!  I am in my studio painting my new series of Quilt borders by the month.  I am painting a scene of Lake Tahoe, California with a Lodge Quilt Border.

I miss seeing Lake Tahoe.  When I lived in California I would go there and exhibit at Art shows that were around the Lake.  In Autumn I would return to hike the many trails.  Winter was also beautiful and the skiing was awesome.

I hope you enjoy August and the rest of Summer!!

"August Sunflowers"

"Lady of the Lake"
Painting of sunrise over Lake Tahoe, Emerald Isle.
I was blessed to watch the sunrise over this beautiful vista on the Lake.
"Lady of the Lake" quilt pattern

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