Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my Dad would have been 91!  How I miss our Birthday celebrations we always had together.  It is a beautiful summer...touch of autumn in the air day.  My Mom and I went to the cemetery and placed Mums there for my Dad.  We remembered other Birthdays and both commented on how fast this Summer went by!  I am not looking forward to Winter cold and hope the coming Autumn will surprise us with a few warm this one! 
  Yesterday, I went to Lancaster County for the day.  I visited and delivered some new art to Dutchland Galleries right in the heart of beautiful Amish country.  I had a nice visit with Alan and Jill the gallery owners.  After I had a great time stopping at all the farm stands with so much to chose from.  Watermelon, tomatoes, beautiful mums and cut flowers.  What a treat! I always love visiting and seeing the peaceful farms and sites while there.
    Happy 91 Dad!  Your special day is always remembered by your family who continue to hold you close in loving thoughts and memories.
  Enjoy the last days of Summer!


Carol500 said...

Diane, I am a quilter and really enjoy your art! My Dad would have been 91 on August31. Keep on creating! Carol

Diane Phalen said...

Thank you so very much Carol! Amazing your Dad born in 1922 also!!