Friday, July 12, 2013

I can hardly believe that the Kutztown Folk Festival is already over.  I always look forward to this show!  I see so many of you that I only see once a year at this special Festival.  Among my highlights, besides all your visits and our special moments were the Quilt many gorgeous quilts...I am still trying to figure out how to post my photos.  The petting zoo..where every morning I was greeted by a llama, turkey, goats, a goose and my special 4 sheep that always gave me many cheerful Baaaaaas!!!!  I took many photos of a great John Deere tractor exhibit...surely a painting will come out of this!!  Of course it will have a quilt featured somewhere too!  My fellow vendors were so nice too.  We were a happy, positive group...even when the last day we took down our booths during an awesome thunderstorm.
  The weather was warm and humid as is typical of July in Pennsylvania...I loved it anyway.  I much prefer the warm weather to the cold winter.  I can hardly wait til next year!!!


Anita said...

Hi Diane,
Do you use Picasa? It is free for the basic version. You can save your photos there and crop or edit them. You can also make a collage of them and then you can put your pictures individually or as a collage or a slide show into a blog post. If you are a flicker user you could set up an account for your pictures and then put a link in your blog post to direct people to the pictures that way.


Diane Phalen said...

Thank you for the information Anita! I am not sure what Picasa is. I really need to learn all this...hopefully when my show schedule is less. Have a great Summer! Diane