Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter is almost here!

Easter is on Sunday! It is late this year which is a good thing as the flowers are finally just arriving with their beautiful colors and sweet air filled fragrance. I spent last week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was working at my friend's gallery located in the midst of Amish country. I loved hearing and seeing the Amish buggies go by the front of the gallery. We had lots of rain while I was there. April showers bring May flowers....there should be plenty!!!! The countryside was beautiful. I saw many Amish children playing outside and the young boys were fishing on the tiny creeks that meander through the farm fields. The fields were being plowed with teams of horses for Spring planting. Always wonderful to see the beautiful farms. I must go back soon to paint!!

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Stitchee-Erika said...

My husband and I loved the Amish buggies passing by also that much. click-clack, click-clack. Wonderful!
It was such a peaceful time, being there.
Bless you,