Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 2017

My wonderful Mom passed away on August 5, 2017.  I was so very blessed with the kindest, most loving Mom ever.  She has been my inspiration, my best friend and the joy of my life.  I can not imagine my life without her.  She always encouraged me in my art and stood with me all my life.  She has been with me through everything from my first steps, school, marriage, sadly divorce and always the person I went to talk to about everything.
 She told me the day she brought me home from the hospital that I looked at her and smiled.  I will always smile when I remember my most wonderful Mom.
She will be missed by all whose life she touched especially her four daughters myself, Linda, Mary and Anne.
God has another angel and I know my Dad is happy to have his wife back at his side.

My Mom celebrating 88 years on February 4, 2017

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