Monday, July 7, 2014

Kutztown Folk Festival is Over!

The Kutztown Folk Festival is over.  It is always a sad moment when I see all the booths and everyone packing up for another year.  It was a great time at the Festival!  i enjoyed so very much seeing some of my very favorite collectors.  Some of you come to see me every year from even far away places.  A great tradition to come see the Festival every year!!  I was able to demonstrate and complete 2 watercolor paintings!  Thank you for the lovely compliments.  It is fun to paint somewhere other then my quiet studio!
  My high points of the Festival are my daily walks around the show.  I visit my sheep every morning then I see my 2 favorite Llamas.  One of the Llamas has a goose in the closure with her.  They are best friends and the goose honks away at you to protect its buddy!  Of course there are also baby goats, bunnies, ducklings and my favorite goobling turkey.  You can hear the turkey all day through out the Festival.
  Thank you everyone for coming to see me.  I hope to see you next year!!  Mark your calendars for June 27- July 5, 2015!!

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