Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh my goodness I am now working again!!!!

I pushed some buttons I don't know how but I have my blog back!!  Maybe it was the long winter and my blog went into hibernation!  Ah the marvels of technology for us who still want to only put pen and brush to paper!  My last post was Christmas and here we are at the beginning of Spring.  Spring is late this year with daffodils and crocus just peeking through!  The winter was cold and snowy.  I shoveled until I thought I could not shovel no more!  I tried to figure out how to make my very....long driveway shorter.  My arms never looked better and I found the secret to toned biceps!!  The Winter was beautiful despite it all.  I loved seeing frozen ponds and waterfalls.  I was awestruck by the frozen rivers the crystal snow scapes.  I took so many photographs that I will reference for years to come!!  I loved the pretty snow and I was sad to see it disappear!  The wildlife in my backyard at my bird feeder was plentiful.  There were deer, foxes and every bird in my bird guide.  The cardinals showed off their red feathers against the snow and ice.  I am still working on getting my photos to show on my blog.  I will keep trying!!
  I started my shows and was in Tennessee in March for A Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge!  After the show I went to see my sister Linda and her husband Ray at their beautiful farm in Kentucky.  I had a great visit and loved seeing baby goats just being born!!
  I am working on new art and doing a calendar of seasons featuring the same adirondack chair with a seasonal quilt and setting! 
  I wish to all a very wonderful Spring and Happy Easter!!  Thank you for your patience on my blog!!  Thank you for reading!!

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