Saturday, January 14, 2012

HAPPY 2012!

I can not believe it has been since September when I last posted on my blog. It was such an incredibly busy time for me. I had shows every weekend all the way through Christmas. I was totally exhausted after it all. I now am just enjoying some time to paint in my studio and organize my life once again!
I always enjoy the Christmas season and am sorry to see all the decorations and lights come down. It is fun to watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies! Now I look forward to my February Birthday, my Mom's February Birthday and Valentine's Day!
Pennsylvania is just now coming into the cold of Winter. There is still no snow on the ground. Ski season has not even really started... and this year I finally dusted off my skiis to hit the slopes! Well at least the ice skates will get some use! I am enjoying my less frantic pace and getting out to Country line Dance with my friends again. Hitting the gym more often too along with everyone else!!!!
I hope you enjoy the beginning of a New Year with much happiness, good health and good friends and yes creative projects!! Check out my web site for my show schedule that starts in March!!

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