Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn is beautiful!

What a beautiful autumn we are having! The skies are so blue with the oranges, reds and yellows of fall! The leaves on the trees turn these magnificant colors before they drop and swirl to the ground. It means they are dying in their final dance of the season. I never thought of it that way as death being beautiful. This year I have experienced many deaths first my wonderful Dad passing away in May. Several friends and relatives have passed after my Dad. With each death I have experienced a growing or knowing inside that can not be explained. When everyone comes together to share our grief and then to tell our stories of the loved one that meant so much to us you realize how important it is to live our life with purpose, joy and gratitude. Gratitude to the people in our life and gratitude in each day we are given to live our life. When our loved ones celebrate our life in our final moment may it be to remember that we lived our life well and hopefully made our presence here to be remembered as joyful, and loving.
Today, I had a job to do of replacing the wheels on my trusty cart I use at my shows. This cart has been with me since I first did my first show almost 20 years ago. The wheels were flat and I found myself dragging each load in, pretty much carrying it instead of wheeling it in!! I had to go to my Dad's work bench that he had in the cellar of my child hood home and try to find the proper tool to get the wheels off. My Dad loved his tools and kept many everywhere. I took one off his work bench that was sitting there by itself. I also armed myself with many others from his surrounding tool boxes. At my home I used his WD-40 that he swore by...and used the first tool I had found sitting out in the open. It fit if my dad had put it out for me!! When I looked at this "Socket wrench" inscribed in the handle were his initials JMB. Thank you Dad...even in death you are watching over me.

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